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Meet the Team

We have the best “behind the scenes” team that keep our ship afloat.  Here is a glimpse into all of the hands involved in creating, designing, packaging, and printing your one of a kind items. As we say in our shop "it's not a nice shirt, until it's a NYCE SHIRT!"

Jeffrey Nyce – Owner, has been in the business for 27 years now!


Jeff started the business in the early 90’s out of a tiny retail store located on Main Street in Harleysville, PA. He later discovered his niche and his focus changed to screen print and embroidery.


There have been many changes throughout the years and in 2001 the company moved to its current location at 310 Broad Street Suite D in Harleysville, PA. The industry is constantly evolving and Nyce Shirt Company pays close attention to the ever changing technologies, computer graphics, ink colors, thread colors as well as screen print equipment and designs that keeps us a cut above the rest.


Jeff believes that the community also plays an active role in the business’ success throughout the years and prides himself in giving back to his community whenever he can.

Jeffrey Nyce Owner of Nyce Shirt Company Harleysville, PA

Joanne – Our Go To Person & the Wearer of Many Hats – (For instance, on any given day you can step foot in the door and hear her name being called from many different directions!)


Joanne joined Nyce Shirt Company in 2005.  She was familiar with the company after her years of purchasing Spirit Wear for the Harleysville Swim Team - so when Jeff needed that “Go To Person” he knew just who to call. She is another member of our highly efficient work force and her attention to detail is phenomenal.


When she’s not at Nyce Shirt Company you can usually find her elbow deep in dirt working diligently in her garden of flowers, fruits and vegetables.

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Maddie – Our "fashionista," handles our social media and online stores. 

Maddie has a BA in English and Creative Writing from West Chester University and takes pride in her grammatically correct emails. Her attention to detail and organizational skills keep things running smoothly. When she's not at work, she can be found with her pets, thrifting new outfits, roller skating, or writing. 



The most important decision is to make a good first impression and Nyce Shirt Company’s Design Team understands your business’ logo and identity makes a statement about you and your company.


Our in house design team has years of experience, and they go above and beyond to create powerful and unforgettable logos for you.

Hailey - Has been with Nyce Shirt Co since 2014. Started working as a print maker and now handles all artwork related to screen printing.


Studied fine art and graphic design at Penn State University. Has a keen eye for detail and is highly skilled and capable of a multitude of tasks. Works hard and is always up for conquering new challenges and acquiring more knowledge and skill-sets to produce great looking artwork, and great looking prints.

Tom –  he has the “magic touch” and can digitize a logo in no time at all!!


Tom came on board as a digitizing technician shortly after Nyce Shirt Company opened way back in 1992. He went on to other projects and rejoined the team again in 2010.  He has honed in his skills and his passion for digitizing is bar none the best in the area! His creations range from embroidery designs such as a left chest company logo to a full back 1950 Ford.


Again proving nothing’s too big or small for him to handle!


Matt – He’s our in house DJ and the “King of the Automatic”


Matt loves what he does and takes pride in his work. Printing hundreds of shirts at a time; some days we have to make him stop to eat so he doesn't run out of energy! He is an extreme perfectionist with a master’s degree in detail!  He will ensure your design is printed with quality, just as if it were his own.

Turtle – He would love to score tickets for the next Comic Con!


Turtle’s our “early morning riser” who is usually printing before the sun comes up – he’s another asset with an eye for detail. He's also our  "jack of all trades" and his engineering skills also never cease to amaze us!


Leigh – She’s our favorite “Worker Bee” and “Master Trimmer”


Leigh is another highly efficient asset to our team who doesn’t stop until the job is done! She checks and double checks to make sure you receive the correct items and sizes and ensures everything is boxed to perfection before it goes out the door!

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