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About Online Stores!

Online stores are the most ideal for sports teams, school events, swag stores, businesses, and

many more that let people choose there own garments and sizes with little to no effort from the comfort of you own home! Once online stores are closed they are processed and ready for pickup or delivery within 3-4 weeks! 

*For expedited stores and pick ups please let us know in the beginning so that we may evaluate the ability to complete that in a timely manner.

Benefits of Online Stores.....

  • You are able to customize all of the garments that go onto the store.

  • Options for Fundraising 

  • Options for Shipping to House, School, Business, Or pick up from our office!

  • Choice to add a coupon code for a percent or dollar amount off your order.

  • Option to add Gift cards to the store.

  • Access to view who is ordering form the store 



Have further questions about online stores? Give us a call or email!


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